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Virginia Class A/B contractor license Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation

What Contractor Exam Preparation, LLC Does:

We are a contractor license school that offers guaranteed courses to pass the state-required exams for your Maryland contractors license  & Virginia contractors license ((MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement License through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission), VA Class A-B-C, Virginia Residential Building Contractor (RBC) formerly the Virginia Building Technical (BLD), Virginia Highway Heavy (H/H), Virginia Commercial Building Contractor (CBC), Virginia Commercial Improvement Contractor (CIC), Virginia Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) through DPOR (Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation), directly and through partnerships with other local educational organizations.


We help contractors avoid the anxiety, frustration and the cost of failing and retaking the exams. Instead, we help you pass the exams quickly and easily, the first time, using our exclusive 'learn-the-way-your-mind-naturally-works' teaching method. © CEP


With our guaranteed contractor training services, get your VA contractor license VA, your MHIC license, or your Highway Heavy specialty.

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We are a Northern Virginia, Fairfax County-based exam preparation provider that works with the contracting industry.  Our instructors have extensive training experience ... We train the way your mind naturally works ... making your learning ... nearly effortless ...  Read more .... 

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Virginia Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
Virginia Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
Virginia Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation