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6-Step Process to Get Your Virginia Contractor License

There are six steps you need to take to get your Contractor License in the Commonwealth of Virginia, regardless of your specialty or types of projects you perform. Please review these steps first, to see where you are in the process ... then come back to this page.

How to get the VA Contracting License, 6 Steps

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Contractor License Virginia Class A - Contractor License Virginia Class B PSI Exam Prep Training Course


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Useful Information for the Virginia Contractor License, Class A, B, and C Contractor Licenses

 VA Contractor License Information



Pre-License Course for Virginia Contractor License



The PreLicense Training course goes by several names.  It is also called the 8-Hour Prelicensing Course, the Mandatory 8-Hour Course and other variations.  Some mistakenly refer to it as the Virginia Class C Contractor license training course.  This is a mandatory course for all classes of Virginia licenses for contracting, VA Class A license, VA Class B license and the VA Class C license. This is a mandatory foundation course that helps Virginia contractor licensees understand much about running a successful construction business in Virginia.  It also details your relationship, as a licensed Virginia contractor, with the government, local and state.



Classes of and Requirements for a Contracting License in the state of Virginia



The differences in the classes of contractor licenses in Virginia ultimately comes down to two basic things: money and experience.  Below, we’ve shared the differences between the VA contractors license, VA Class A, VA Class B and VA Class C.



Class A Contractor License.  This is the largest class of Virginia contracting license.  There is no monetary limit on the size of individual projects nor on the annual revenue. Requirements for Class A contractor license in Virginia is a net worth of at least $45,000.  Also, the qualified individual, the person in the company who actually knows the hands-on, field work, must have a minimum of 5 (five) years of verifiable experience..  The qualified individual can simply be an employee or a member of management.



Class B Contractor License. This is the mid-range Virginia contracting license. With the VA Class B license, there is the opportunity for larger projects and more revenue than the VA Class C license, but falls short of the potential of the VA Class A license.  Projects just under $120,000 can be contracted.  The maximum annual revenue with this class of Virginia license is just under $750,000.  Requirements for Class B contractor license in Virginia is a net worth of at least $15,000.  Also, the qualified individual, the person in the company who actually knows the hands-on, field work, must have a minimum of 3 (three) years of verifiable experience.  The qualified individual can simply be an employee or a member of management.



Class C Contractor License. This is sometimes thought of as the ‘starter’ license.  This is the smallest of the three contracting licenses in Virginia.  Projects just under $10,000 can be contracted.  The maximum annual revenue with this class of license is just under $150,000.  For the Class C license in Virginia, there is no minimum net worth requirement.  However, the qualified individual, the person in the company who actually knows the hands-on, field work, must have a minimum of 2 (two) years of verifiable experience. .  The qualified individual can simply be an employee or a member of management.



The Contractor License Business Exam – For Class A Contractors License and Class B Contractors License (Taken by the Designated Employee)



To apply for and obtain a license for contracting in Virginia as a Class A or a Class B contractor, your designated employee must pass an examination or test, often called the ‘Virginia business exam’. 


In total, there are three portions of the exam:  the Virginia Portion, the General Portion, and the Advanced Portion.  A Class B license applicant needs only to pass two portions, the Virginia and the General Portions.  A Class A license applicant must pass all three portions.   A Class C license applicant is not required to take any portion of this contractors business examination.  The Designated Employee can be a full-time employee or a member of responsible management.



VA Contractors License Specialties



The class of contractor license in Virginia (i.e.-Virginia Class A license) is independent of the specialties the licensee is approved to perform. There are over 40 VA contractor licensing specialties (i.e.-Painting and Wallcovering) that licensees can be approved to perform.  Some specialties are very specific and limited, whereas others are ‘umbrella’ construction specialties that encompass a number of smaller specialties.  Some of the ‘umbrella’ Virginia contractor specialties are the VA Home Improvement Contracting (HIC), VA Residential Building Contracting (RBC), VA Commercial Improvement Contracting (CIC), VA Commercial Building Contracting (CBC) and the VA Highway Heavy (H/H).  Typically, it is best to apply for the largest specialty you are qualified for, as this can open the door for increased opportunities in the future without the need to take additional specialty exams.



The VA Contractor Licensing Specialty Exam (Taken by the Qualified Individual)



The focus of this exam is to test your Qualified Individual’s knowledge of the type(s) of projects you will be approved to perform as a licensed Virginia contractor.   The length of the exams, the reference materials allowed, and the subject matter vary greatly, depending on the specialty. 



As of March 1, 2016, the Qualified Individual must be pre-approved to sit for all specialty/technical exams.  The approval process can sometimes take months, so we encourage you to schedule any specialty exam course with us ONLY AFTER you’ve received your approval to sit for the Virginia contractor technical exam.



Dispelling a False VA Contractor Licensing Myth



It is not a requirement that a contractor first start with a Class C license in Virginia and then move up or upgrade.  If a contractor meets the qualifications for a Class A contractors license or a Class B contractors license, they can apply directly for them.



Virginia Contractors License, Maryland Home Improvement License (MHIC License, Maryland Home Improvement Commission) Contractors License School Exam Preparation Links







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1) In our training areas, commonly touched surfaces are sanitized before and after each class.

2) We have hand sanitizer available for use during our classes.


3) Following guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, we encourage thorough washing of hands of all employees and students and to limit contact with their faces.


4) Our classrooms are of a good size and class attendance will be kept intentionally small to allow more social distancing between students.


5) In our facilities, we ask that any coughing or sneezing be done in an elbow or in a tissue. When done into a tissue, the tissue should be immediately discarded and hands washed thoroughly or sanitized.


6) If a student has recently visited any of the affected countries/areas or possibly been exposed to the virus through any means, whether there are visible symptoms or not,  we respectfully ask that you postpone your class until after you have recovered. We welcome you back at a future class.

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VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation