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PSI Exams is the State-designated test administrator for your Virginia Contractor License


The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation's (DPOR)Board of Contractors website provides the following information.

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Contact PSI 855.340.3910



No application deadline


$40 One portion of exam
$72 Two portions of exam
$85 Three portions of exam
$85 QI specialty exam



Virginia Beach
Johnson City, TN
Salisbury, MD



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To check on the status of your application after passing the exam, contact the Board office at (804) 367-8511 or

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We are very concerned with the health and safety of our students, employees and partners with the spread of the novel coronavirus.   
Here are some actions we are taking: 

1) In our training areas, commonly touched surfaces are sanitized before and after each class.

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VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation