Maryland Home Improvement Commission, MHIC Contractor Licensing. (Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR))

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR)  regulates a number of professions in the state of Maryland.


Maryland Home Improvement Commission

Contact Information:

500 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3651

MD Home Improvement Commission website


Home improvement contracting is a regulated profession in Maryland.  There are a host of contracting specialties that come under the MHIC license umbrella.


Below, you'll find a list of home improvement projects that require a MHIC license.  This is not an exhaustive list.  If you have questions regarding the projects that you perform, please contact the Commission using the contact information above.

1. Acid Cleaning
2. Acoustical Treatment
3. Awnings
4. Bathrooms
5. Bricklaying
6. Bulkheads
7. Cabinet Installation
8. Carpentry
9. Carports
10. Caulking
11. Ceilings
12. Chimneys
13. Club Rooms
14. Decks
15. Doors
16. Driveways
17. Dry Walls
18. Excavating
19. Fallout Shelters
20. Fences
21. Fire Alarm Systems
22. Fire Escapes
23. Fireplaces
24. Flagstone
25. Floor Laying & Refinishing
26. Foundations
27. Garages
28. Gas Burners
29. Glaziers
30. Grating
31. Guards
32. Hot Tubs – Permanent
33. House Movers
34. Insulation
35. Iron, Ornamental
36. Jalousies
37. Kitchen Cabinets
38. Landscaping
39. Linoleum
40. Locks
41. Marble

42. Mirror Installation
43. Painting
44. Paneling
45. Patios
46. Paving
47. Piers
48. Plastering
49. Plastic Screening
50. Pointing
51. Porch Enclosures
52. Radon Gas Mitigation
53. Railings
54. Replacement of appliances
55. Roofing
56. Sandblasting
57. Screens – Doors/Windows – Door/Window
58. Sealants – Deck/Driveway
59. Sheet Metal Works
60. Shower Bath Enclosures
61. Sidewalks
62. Siding
63. Sinks & Counter Tops
64. Skylights
65. Sod (when landscaping)
66. Solar Film on Windows
67. Solar Systems
68. Stained Glass
69. Stairs
70. Stone – Cast
71. Stone Masonry
72. Storm Windows & Doors
73. Stucco
74. Swimming Pools
75. Tile
76. Terrazzo
77. Vanities
78. Wallpapering
79. Wall Coverings
80. Waterproofing
81. Windows

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VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation
VA Contractor License Class A/B Maryland MHIC Examination Preparation